Create and deliver an elite experience that keeps your audience coming back for more

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That's why we made this course.

To give you the tools you need to deliver exceptional content with confidence.

Steve Dotto is an absolute natural at teaching and leading webinars. He makes learning fun, entertaining & totally ‘gettable’ in bite-size chunks that you go implement right away. I love his systems-thinking brain and his delightful sense of humor! Two thumbs way up for Steve, the webinar wizard!!

The Three Pillars of the Successful Webinar

A webinar is only as good as the sum of its parts.

To really make it work, marketing, tech and content have to come together.

  • Successful Marketing

    Get your webinars in front of the right people!

  • Grow your audience (and email list!)
  • Get people to hit that "sign up" button
  • Craft irresistible promotional materials
  • Create killer follow up resources
  • Effectively spread the word using social media
  • Use webinars to build your business

Not only is Steve an entertaining educator but he is concise, methodical and meticulous about every detail so that you always walk away knowing what action to take next. #WebinarFabulous

Sue B Zimmerman Sue B Zimmerman
  • Trusted Technology

    Bad tech destroys webinars. Great tech enhances them! 

  • Set up your recording space for maximum impact
  • Put your fool-proof toolset together
  • Record and edit a webinar like a pro
  • Chose the right webinar platform for you
  • Get your tools to work together
  • Put your backup plan together

Steve Dotto is my go to guy for everything that has to do with webinars and video. When people see my LinkedIn videos and webinars on YouTube – they never ask me about LinkedIn – they ask me how I did the videos. And I send them right to DottoTech. He's a freaking genius. Despite his beard.

Viveka Von Rosen Viveka Von Rosen
Linked In To Business
  • Killer Content Creation

    Craft powerful content that will keep listeners glued to those seats.

  • Design a highly effective webinar format that will work for your goals
  • Use copywriting principles to keep your audience spellbound
  • Generate engagement throughout the webinar
  • Present with quiet confidence
  • Create supporting digital assets
  • Transform your webinar into an evergreen resource

Steve puts the fun into webinars by bringing passion, humor and education in a way that makes you forget you're even there to learn.

Brian Fanzo Brian Fanzo

When I am looking for advice on webinars I go straight to Steve Dotto. He is an expert in all areas of running webinars from getting an audience to turn up, getting massive engagement during the webinar and for converting at the end of the webinar.

fade-leftfade-rightWho is this course for?

This course is for you IF you want to deliver exemplary webinars that help you grow your business, keep your audience hanging to your every word AND you are willing to do the work.

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Each Lesson begins with a Live Webinar, followed by a deep dive into each topic

All live sessions will be recorded and are available on demand.

Let's dive in and see what this course has to offer!


So far, you've watched some videos and read some testimonials from big social media names.

Still doesn't prove this course is worth it though, does it?

You want to know a bit more about the guy behind the course.

Why should you trust him?

25 Years

Of Broadcast Experience

Technical Expertise

Understanding the tools and systems


Webinars that you will be proud of!

Steve Dotto is a Professional Broadcaster, with decades of live TV Radio and Webinar experience

It's time to start Winning at Webinars.

Steve Dotto is my go-to resource for webinar strategies. He knows what works and speaks from extensive business experience. This is so critical when you're trusting someone to save you time from rookie mistakes and get you closer to the results you need. Winning@Webinars is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to successfully rally their community and convert those relationships to real sales.

It's time for the big reveal.

Demonstrated the value of taking this course?  

Established credentials?  

Built trust?  

3 Programs to Serve You Best

And that's not all.

You get lifetime access to a Private Facebook Group.

One of the best bonuses we can offer you is the Winning@Webinars Private Facebook Group.


This isn't just another group you log into once and forget about.

It is an integral part of this course. Because, the theory I teach you is only half the puzzle.

The real work starts with the practice. It starts when you begin applying what you learned and put those webinars together.

In this group, you'll find help, support and encouragement. You'll meet people at various stages of their career and you'll be able to ask questions. When things get hard, both you peers and the Dotto Tech team will be here to help.

I hope that this group will become your sounding board. That you will test titles and graphics, get together and support and encourage each other through every aspect of creating a webinar!

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are you waiting for?  It's time to make a change and grow your business.

Still have some questions?  I've got you covered!

  • q-iconDoes it matter which Webinar Platform I use?

    No, the techniques we teach will work with all platforms. In fact, we’ll use multiple platforms throughout the course so you can get familiar with how they work and find the perfect one for your needs!

  • q-iconDo I need to take in the lessons live?

    No, every lesson is recorded and will be available on demand. Plus, every lesson will include additional supporting content!

  • q-iconI am uncomfortable on camera, do I need to do my webinars the way you do, with my face on camera?

    I personally believe that including your face on screen is a good thing! It delivers subtle value to your audience and makes them feel more connected to you! But, it is certainly not a necessity.

  • q-iconHow is this course different from all the others?

    This course is focused on how to design, and deliver an exceptional broadcast. We’ll teach you the skills and techniques professional broadcasters use for Network TV and Radio live broadcasts.

  • q-iconI am just getting started, and have no list yet. Should I wait?

    Absolutely not!

    We will be teaching you a lot about list building and growing a community, but the process is in parallel with webinar delivery, not sequential. You should be constantly building your list.

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Rest Assured With Your 100% Guarantee!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Buying a course can be scary. What if the content sucks? What if you learn absolutely nothing from it? And because it's all happening online, you can't even TP their office! (Though I don't recommend doing that anyway.) I really believe this course can help you create incredible webinars that will help you grow your business. If it doesn't, I'd rather you invested your money in something that will help.

JOIN THE WAITLISTThis course is currently closed.

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