Task Apps Made Easy

Mastering Task and To-Do Lists for Individuals and Teams

TAME your to-do list

  • Discover how to really use and and leverage your task manager
  • Create structure from chaos, get more done AND reduce stress
  • Develop you own integrated system including email, calendar, tasks and projects
  • Implement team strategies that keep all your projects on course

The Fastest Way to Massive Productivity

Introducing Task Apps Made Easy

Task Apps Made Easy is a unique course

We developed this course featuring the Big Four Task Apps

Asana - Trello - ToDoist - Wunderlist

These represent 4 main Task List Archetypes, and we use these 4 to teach you how to best implement task and to-do list management.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of options out there. Even if you use one of the other tools you will still find great value in this course, because we are teaching you how to develop your own system.

You will take our lessons and apply them to any and every tool available, from the simplest task list to the most advanced project manager. The concepts and best practices we teach will provide you with a foundation to success.

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Mastering Your Tasks Means Mastering Your Time!

This course is unique, covering 4 main Task Managers. You will learn to build your own system that works for you.

  • 10 Modules to Success

    Starting today, you will receive 3 emails per week, each containing a lesson on using Evernote as a delivery system. The lessons are designed so you can begin right away, incorporating best task management practices into your day. By the time the course is over you will wonder how you EVER managed before.

  • Video Training At Its Best

    Lessons will be delivered as video tutorials, with supporting documents. The videos are engaging, informative and information dense.

  • We Respect Your Time

    Each lesson will be kept as close to 30 minutes as possible, with the videos broken into smaller segments. We do not believe “bigger, or longer is better” In EVERY video we will strive to make the information as concise and practical as possible with a bit of humor to keep the pace up!

What am I signing up for?

Good Question!

Here is a sample of our lessons

Task Apps Made Easy Course Syllabus

  • 1


    The difference between a task and a to-do.
    "First Look" an our Big Four Task Apps: Asana, Trello, ToDoist and WunderList.

  • 2

    Task Management Basics

    Common ideas and techniques for all Task Apps.

  • 3

    Setting Standards

    Best practices for setting up your own personal system.

  • 4

    Team Basics

    Managing team tasks requires everyone on that team is on the same page, so creating a Task Charter is essential (you should also have an Email Charter).
    The charter establishes how you assign, execute and report on tasks.

  • 5

    Evernote Integration

    Integration with other apps is a big part of getting the most out of yout Task App, and none is more important than Evernote.

  • 6

    Email Integration

    Email integration goes 2 ways: making sure you have both your email software and your Task App properly configured. We also teach you best practices for moving tasks into and out of email.

  • 7

    Calendar Integration

    Many tasks have due dates, or are time sensitive so integration with your calendar is essential. We show the best practices for integrating your calendar and Task App.

  • 8


    All of our Task Apps perform brilliantly in the mobility space. we make sure you know what you can and should be doing with your smartphone and Task App.

  • 9

    Tasks in the Cloud

    Managing your syncing, privacy and backup.

  • 10

    Paper and Analogue Integration

    Making sure you are including your analogue world with your Task App. This is especially useful for journalers and note takers.

  • 11

    Bonus Module

    Tasks apps made simple!
    Using Google Tasks, a incredibly basic and simple task solution.

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We use Evernote as a delivery system

Every lesson is delivered as a shared Evernote note. Once the course is complete, all of your lessons are contained in a single Evernote notebook on your account, giving you a permanent resource which will constantly be updated as new content is added to the course.

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Here is what is included with Task Apps Made Easy

  • 10 Emailed Lessons

    All delivered in Evernote

  • Access to the Task Apps Made Easy Forum

    You will receive an invitation to our Private Facebook Group

  • Bonus Content

    2 Free E-Books

    1 Bonus Course Module

  • Free Updates

    As we update the course you will always have access to the latest version.

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